Advice about Bridleways

Access and Regeneration of Bridleways

riders on a bridleway

Ever since the inauguration of NLBS, members have worked hard to try to reopen or improve local bridleways.  We do this in a number of ways, including:

  • Supporting local landowners with repairing or installing horse-friendly gates.
  • Organising work parties to clear overgrown bridleways
  • Researching lost bridleway routes and applying to have them added onto the Definitive Map
  • Liaising with landowners to secure new permissive routes
  • Running training courses for members on access, rights of way and researching historical routes

Problems with Bridleways?

All NLBS members are encouraged to act as a Field Officer in their own area and are asked to ride and check the bridleways and notify the Chairman or Secretary of any problems, as we have a good relationship with the County Council and many local landowners. 

If you would like to get involved in our access work, or have encountered a problem locally please get in touch.

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